LEGO VIPs: Earn Double Reward Points On All Purchases This Weekend

If you have any last-minute LEGO-flavoured Christmas gifts to buy – or indeed, a cheeky gift for yourself – this weekend is a good time to get activated. From today (Friday 10th December) until Sunday 12th December, all purchases in-store and online at will be eligible to earn double VIP points.

If you’re a VIP member, you’ll collect points on purchases you make either on LEGO’s website or in LEGO retail stores. Typically, that points value is about 5% of your purchase; for every £100 you spend, you get approximately £5 back. The points add up, and along with translating them directly into vouchers to be spent on more LEGO, you can also use them to purchase exclusive items and enter into sweepstakes.

But with double VIP points, it means instead of getting around 5% back, you’ll get 10%. On a big purchase, that can translate to a significant reward. Take the £449.99 Colosseum for instance. Purchasing that will currently net you 7200 reward points, which can be redeemed for £45 of LEGO vouchers. Not bad, eh?

If you’re not currently a VIP member, it’s free to sign up. And if you purchase LEGO regularly, it’s worth doing – as those rewards to add up. Simply head to the website to join.

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