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New LEGO Botanicals Sets Are Coming Soon

LEGO has teased that new Botanicals sets are “blooming soon” – on 1st May, if its social media tease is anything to go by.

We’re excited for new LEGO Botanicals sets. So far, the range has given way to a bouquet of flowers, a bonsai tree and a bird of paradise plant. LEGO hasn’t revealed what the new sets are, but thanks to a leak shared on Reddit, we know what they are.

Don’t want to have the surprise spoiled for yourself? That’s fine – stop reading now. But if you want to find out what they are, keep on reading.

In the reddit link above, user KanyesLegoDealer has shared two listings found on eBay of unannounced LEGO Botanicals sets. And we have to admit, they look fantastic.

There’s a 771-piece Succulents set, made up of several different succulents displayed in a black tray. And there’s a 608-piece Orchid, which looks absolutely stunning. We have no price details for either set just yet, but they’re both 18+, and will be releasing on 1st May.

We won’t share the images here, but clicking through to reddit will allow you to see them. We’re looking forward to LEGO’s official announcement, where we’ll share more information.

Will these be the only two sets, or will there be more? We’ll have to wait and see: the set numbers of the two discovered on Reddit are 10309 and 10311; that suggests there could be one more in between. Hmm…

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