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Here Are The 8 Upcoming LEGO Ideas Sets Still to be Released

upcoming LEGO Ideas

Last week, two new LEGO Ideas sets were approved for production, bringing the number of still-to-come releases in the series up to eight.

It’s been so long since some were approved that we’d forgotten all about them. Maybe you have too. So: let’s refresh our memories about the LEGO Ideas sets still to come. There are some fantastic sets on the horizon, and we can’t wait to get our hands on them.

We’ve included estimated release dates for each sets. These are just our personal estimations, based on our knowledge of LEGO’s release schedule and how quickly previous LEGO Ideas sets have made it onto shelves. We could be way off, so take them with a pinch of salt.

BTS “Dynamite”

Designed by JBBrickFanatic

Approved for production back in February 2022, the BTS “Dynamite” set is going to be the next LEGO Ideas set released. It was approved in the same review as the A-Line Cabin, which made it onto shelves on 1st February. And in fact, LEGO has been teasing its BTS release this week, so we can expect a reveal (and launch) very soon: we’re guessing March or April. If you’re not a fan of K-pop boyband sensation BTS, though, you’ll probably want to give this one a miss – although we are looking forward to seeing how the minifigures look.

Estimated release date: March/April 2023

Hocus Pocus: The Sanderson Sisters’ Cottage

LEGO Ideas Hocus Pocus

Designed by The Ambrinator

The Hocus Pocus house was approved in July 2022, and it might be one of our most anticipated upcoming LEGO Ideas releases. It’s, of course, based on the hit 90s film Hocus Pocus. Being Halloween-themed, we imagine we’ll be seeing an October release for this one.

Estimated release date: September/October 2023

LEGO Insects

Designed by hachiroku24

This set of beautifully-designed insects was approved for production in October 2022. Hachiroku24’s original design includes five insects: a bee, a beetle, a butterfly, a grasshopper and a ladybird. We would imagine that LEGO will include all of these, but we’ll have to see if any extras are included, or how much the designs are changed.

Estimated release: Autumn 2023

Polaroid Onestep SX-70

Designed by Minibrick Productions

Here’s another upcoming LEGO Ideas set approved for production in October 2022. Minibrick Productions’ recreation of a Polaroid camera is very cool. Why? Well, it has moving parts. Spin a dial on the side of it, and a photo will come out of the bottom of the camera. Obviously it doesn’t work – it can’t actually take your photo. But the working mechanism is extremely neat. And for any retro photography fan, this is a lovely model.

Estimated release: Early 2024

Tales of the Space Age

Designed by JohnCarter

We absolutely love this set of three 3D images set in space. The colours are fantastic, and as a display piece, it’s absolutely stunning. It was approved for production in October 2022, so another fairly recent addition. Still, being one of the more “simple” ideas (it has no moving parts, like the Polaroid), we think there’s a good chance we’ll see this one later this year.

Estimated release: Late 2023

The Orient Express, A Legendary Train

Designed by LEt.sGO

With how keen LEGO is on trains, it’s a wonder they haven’t already made an Orient Express of their own. This set, designed by LEGO Ideas user LEt.sGO, looks to be on a similar scale to the Collector’s Edition Hogwarts Express. If LEGO keep it that way, it may well be one of the most expensive LEGO Ideas sets to date. The size and complexity of it also means we’ll likely be waiting a while for it. It was approved in October 2022, but we’re not expecting to see it until 2024.

Estimated release: Mid 2024

Red London Telephone Box

Designed by Bricked1980

Who doesn’t love an iconic red British telephone box? This upcoming LEGO Ideas set also comes with an old-fashioned street lamp and a red post box to really set the scene. This is one of the most recently approved LEGO Ideas sets, only getting its seal of approval this month, February 2023. As such, we can expect to be waiting at least a year for its arrival. Looks like it’ll be worth the wait, though.

Estimated release: 2024

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Designed by Tvrulesmylife

Last but not least is this fantastic recreation of The Nightmare Before Christmas, also approved in February 2023. Since we reckon the Hocus Pocus house will release this Halloween, it would make sense for LEGO to hold back this one until Halloween 2024. It looks to be a fabulous set, though, and we can’t wait to see it in person.

Estimated release: September/October 2024

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