LEGO Marvel Carnage is Coming Soon

LEGO Marvel Carnage

In the same range as the Iron Man and Star Wars brick-built heads, LEGO has just revealed Marvel Carnage, coming on 1st May.

It’s a striking – and rather freaky-looking model. The majority of the head is fiery red, with Carnage’s unmistakable big white eyes and huge black teeth taking up most of the front. Like the other models in the range, it’s on a pedestal with a ‘Carnage’ label that sits at the front.

Described on LEGO’s website as a ‘nightmarish villain’, they’re not kidding. There’s very good reason why this set is part of LEGO’s 18+ range – it’ll give any younger builders nightmares! But it’s unlike any other model we’ve seen so far, and we’re eager to get our hands on it.

LEGO Marvel Carnage (set number 76199) is due to release on 1st May and will cost £54.99. It’s made up of 546 pieces, putting it in line with the other buildable head sets we’ve seen so far.

We’re pleased to see LEGO continue this range, and look forward to what other sets we might see in the future. Carnage’s rival, Spider-Man, perhaps? Or any number of other Marvel heroes.

More pictures of Carnage are below.

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